Become a Crystal Gem and beat the baddies, or become a Homeworld Gem and bring the Rebellion to it's knees!
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 II. Roleplaying Rules

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PostSubject: II. Roleplaying Rules   Fri 15 Jan 2016, 11:59 pm

Let's start off with the ranks.

1. (D-rank) Steven: You're a Steven! You're not that strong, but you got potential!
- Base Rank [0 XP]
- Deals D-rank Damage/Protects from C-rank Damage

2. (C-rank) Peridot: You're a Peridot! You've gotten stronger, and you can do stuff, but you can be much more!
- 2nd Rank [2,500 XP]
- Deals C-rank Damage/Protects from B-rank Damage

3. (B-rank) Amethyst: You're an Amethyst! You've become a decent fighter! You're real strong and you can start using abilities, but remember, you've still got a long journey away!
- 3rd Rank [5,000 XP]
- Deals B-rank Damage/Protects from B-rank damage

4. (A-rank) Pearl: You're a Pearl! You've been recognized as a worthy fighter! You are very strong and have honed your abilities, and you only have a little bit until the top!
- 4th Rank [10,000 XP]
- Deals A-rank damage/Protects from A-rank damage

5. (S-rank) Garnet: You're a Garnet! You are an elite fighter! You're one of the strongest! No one can beat you! (Except, other Garnets.. And those Diamonds are scary..)
- Last Rank [50,000 XP]
- Deals S-rank damage/Protects from A-rank damage [Can kill and destroy gems]

6. (X-rank) Diamond: You're a Diamond! You are a god/goddess. You are unkillable and can only be obtained via event, or being an administrator.
- Only Obtainable via Event/Being Admin
- Can destroy planets, and unkillable
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II. Roleplaying Rules
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