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 I. Ground Rules

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PostSubject: I. Ground Rules   Thu 14 Jan 2016, 7:07 am

The staff team from CGRP wants everyone to have fun. And so, we decided to lay some ground rules for everyone.

I: Account and Username

A. Account
- Your account is yours. So, you control what you do. But if things DO get out of hand, we'll be giving you 5 warnings, and then ultimately, a ban.

B. Username
- Your username should be your character's name. We will be enabling you to change your name yourself, should you ever decide to change it, though it has to be related to your character.

Ex of proper name: (Pearl, Garnet, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, etc.)
Ex of improper name: (yermun, IamShickki28, etc)

II: Language

A. This site WILL be open to those under the age of 13, so swearing is prohibited. Even a slight swear word will give you a warning. If you wish to over-exaggerate, please censor your language with asterisks. (*)

B. Please ONLY use English in roleplaying and speaking. If you type out a sentence which is NOT English, you will receive 2 warnings.

III: Staff

A. Treating Them
- Staff are people too. Do not treat them like robots and tell them to do this, and that, and this and that. Be patient, that's what every RPer has. Patience.

B. Submitting Work
- Shall you need something approved, looked at or anything of the sort, please do post it in the appropriate topic, in the "Approval Queue" forum.

IV: Chat box

A. language
-with people under the age of thirteen, please limit the amount of swears on the chatbox to a minimal. even one swear will lead to a warning by the moderators, staff or admins on here. as said before, five warnings and then you are banded if you continue with your behavior.

B. respect
-when on the chatbox, please try to respect other peoples problems and don't try to troll or disrespect anyone on the chat by saying anything rude or inappropriate. each time you do, you will gain one warning for each instance spotted. you will be kicked from the chat after two warnings, and if you come back on and still keep up with your behavior, you will gain two warnings and are banded from the chatbox. to regain access to the chatbox, you must make a formal apology to the person that was disrespected and to one of the staff online, and you may get your use of the chatbox again, but if you continue with the disrespect, you will gain another warning and will be band from the site if you have five warnings all together.
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I. Ground Rules
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